Times Alone

from Times Alone: Selected Poems of Antonio Machado, translated by Robert Bly

A Few Notes on Antonio Machado


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(1875-1939), school teacher and philosopher, and one of Spain’s foremost poets, writes clearly and without narcissism of the mountains, the skies, the farms and the sentiments of his homeland. He brings to the ordinary –to time, to landscape and stony earth, to beanfields ad cities, to events and dreams – magical sound that conveys order, penetrating sight, and attention.

ROBERT BLY is the author of ten books of poetry. Antonio Machado was a strong influence on his first book of poetry, Silence in the Snowy Fields. Bly has edited and translated works of Swedish, German, Norwegian, and Persian poetry, including that of Neruda and Rilke. He received the National Book Award for poetry in 1968. His home is in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

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